Day lace body lingerie Two: The Big Meeting


I picked a white semi-sheer underwear sets women set from Freya because it felt cool, fun and summery, threw a dress on top, and headed out for lunch with my family followed by lounging around at home.

And you know what was the most incredible, mind-blowing lowp rice lingerie part of the experience? When I got home, I didn't feel the urge to immediately tear the bra off my back and set my boobs free.

Turns out that actually getting yourself a properly fitting bra instead of making do with the one you got a year ago (that isn't actually your size, but seems to do the job, AKA boob prison) means you'll be a lot more comfortable!

So yes, I did feel happier and more confident - mostly because I wasn't constantly tugging up my bra straps.

I eternally thank the dress code gods that I'm lucky enough to work in an office where I can wear jeans, heels are not expected and I've never, ever, had to go to a meeting wearing a power suit.

But having a laidback dress code does tend to make me, well, a little too laidback.

I'll usually rock up to my desk wearing an oversized jumper and jeans. But when I slipped on a set of hot pink silky lingerie, my massive knits suddenly didn't feel quite so appropriate.